Preconception: How to Plan for Pregnancy



We are often asked about the ways in which someone can best prepare themselves for pregnancy.  While we do recommend working directly with a healthcare provider so that you can have a plan that is appropriate to your needs, here are some of our favorite things everyone can do in preparation for pregnancy:

Have fun!: People get pregnant most easily when their overall stress hormones are low and their oxytocin (that feel-good, love hormone) is high!

Get enough sleep: It's important for overall wellness, and to decrease bodily inflammation, that you get a minimum of 8 hours of sleep each night.  When you're trying to conceive, sleep is important to prioritize!

Folate Supplementation: Start taking 400 mcg folate every day.

Prenatal Vitamin: Start taking a daily prenatal vitamin to boost your overall wellbeing and to increase the density of your nutrient intake.

Vitex Supplementation: Consider whether or not Chaste berry, or Vitex could be a good herb for you!  Vitex promotes fertility and has an effect on the hormone progesterone.  Check out Aviva Romm's website for more information.

Get active: If you don't already have a regular routine for movement, this is the time to start one.  Regular exercise can improve fertility and being active before and during pregnancy can help to support a healthier pregnancy overall.

Call your Midwives: Give us a call when you get that positive pregnancy test! :)

In Health,

Charli & Sarah