Cold Symptoms During Pregnancy

Raw honey

Raw honey

Lately, it seems like everyone coming in to our office for their prenatal and postpartum appointments has come down with a cold they just can’t shake. The virus that causes these symptoms will usually just go away with time, but it can be helped and symptoms made to feel better by things pregnant people can do at home. Sometimes it’s hard to know how to safely treat a viral infection during pregnancy, so we’ve included a short list here of some of what we tell our clients. Please talk to your midwife or other care provider before starting any treatment plan, even the most gentle-seeming.

Thyme-honey tea: Raw, local honey is one of the best medicines we have for treating coughs and stands up to cough medicine again and again in clinical trials. It is also a strong anti-microbial and it makes even garden thyme taste…almost okay. Organically sourced thyme (yes, the kind you use in your kitchen) has an unpleasant taste for most people, but it’s also a well-demonstrated anti-microbial and it’s been used for thousands of years for treatment of upper respiratory infections. Taken together as tea and sipped throughout the day, they can ease symptoms and increase your recovery speed.

You’ll want to have two heaping spoonfuls, at least, in a quart jar of boiling water. Steep for 10-15 minutes or until the water has significantly changed color. Add honey to your taste preference and repeat throughout the day for a sipping elixir that will make you feel way, way better.

Elderberry: This delicious plant has also been demonstrated to increase immune function, particularly from viral infections, as well as easing inflammation and pain associated with infections. It’s available at almost all natural food stores. Take two tablespoons every 4 hours. BONUS: There are some brands that have honey in them , so you can have an extra boost of cold-fighting honey as well!

Vitamin C: Everybody knows it, but it bears repeating. Vitamin C at the first sign of a cold will significantly help your body’s ability to fight the infection and most past it. We recommend up to 5,000 mg every day from the moment you feel that initial tickle.

Water: Most Americans simply don’t drink enough water! We don’t mean soda water, or juice, or milk, or anything else. We mean tap water, which has essential minerals in it needed for optimal hydration. Water is the single most important part of the immune system, and yet most of us are chronically dehydrated. If you think you’re getting sick, start focusing on drinking half of your body weight in ounces every day in water. Your urine should be clear or very light-colored in the bowl.

Happy healing!

~ Sarah and Charli