Water Birth

Water Birth

Water Birth

Water birth is giving birth naturally, in a large tub filled with warm water.  Some of our clients choose to only labor in the tub, as it helps them to cope with their labor, and then they get out of the tub for the actual birth of their baby.  Other clients of ours choose to labor in the tub and give birth to their baby in the water as well.  The two biggest reasons that our clients choose to give birth in the tub are because the warm water is supportive to the laboring persons experience and helps them to cope with their labor, and because they want a peaceful delivery for their baby as they move from one water-filled environment (amniotic fluid) to another (warm water in the birth tub).

We believe that reducing a woman's experience of stress during her labor is part of what keeps birth safe, and minimizes complications for both mom and baby.  Water birth is one way, for some people, to reduce stress during labor and birth.

Some potential benefits to having a water birth include: 

  • Greater maternal relaxation

  • Buoyancy in the water can increase freedom of movement 

  • The water may reduce stress-related hormones

  • Immersion in water can decrease anxiety

  • Water birth may have an impact on the incidence of perineal tearing

  • Water birth can increase the birthing person's sense of privacy, and can therefore increase the feeling of safety for some people

We offer water birth as an option to our clients.  We have a large, professional grade birth tub that we bring to our clients homes at their 36 week home visit, if they'd like to have the birth tub as an option during their labor and birth.

As always, we're here to answer questions if you're wondering about whether or not a water birth could be a good fit for you!

In health,

Charli & Sarah