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I can’t say enough about both Sarah and Charli! My husband Tyler and I had the pleasure of having Charli as our doula and Sarah as one of our attending midwives throughout my prenatal care and birthing process. As a first-time mom, I felt so lucky to be in their care! They both have a calm, grounding energy, are friendly and positive, and have abounding knowledge that can put even a hormonal pregnant and laboring woman at ease. I am so thankful to have gotten to have them both as a part of my journey into motherhood. Even when a few complications arose, they took care of us with diligence and grace. For every woman who’s chosen to have them both as your midwives, consider yourself so blessed. They are sure to provide a beautiful, safe experience for you and your family, as they were for me, Tyler, and our new daughter Grey. Thank you endlessly, Sarah and Charli! And who knows, we may be seeing yo both again if baby number two ever comes along! —Dani

The care that we received from Sarah and Charlie as a family, and I as an individual, is beyond compare. In the months leading up to delivery I received compassionate and individualized care in their cozy office as well as our home. Having a team like these two midwives helped me move forward with confidence in every step of my pregnancy. They were always available to answer questions and help me with any concerns. When you work with Sarah and Charlie to get their time and attention in a way that feels complete and fully focused.

Labor doesn’t always go as planned and in my case we did wind up having to transfer to the hospital. Sarah and Charli stayed with me for the whole experience and because of their sensible and cautious approach I was able to have the birth I wanted even if we weren’t at home. My experience at the hospital was a positive one in part because I had my midwife team with me to answer any questions I had and to advocate for me if I needed it. We were lucky to have a wonderful nurse working with us that both Sarah and Charlie had worked with in the past. I think it’s important to acknowledge that my midwives’ connections in the wider birth and medical community helped make the transfer a more calm, peaceful, and happy occasion rather than something scary or upsetting. My midwives were with us every step of the way and their care leading up to birth prepared us for the changes and challenges we faced. —Abigail

At 34 weeks, we decided to hire Sarah & Charli as our midwife team (after a late decision to have a home birth instead of a hospital birth), and we could not have been happier with our decision. Not only did they immediately make us feel comfortable with our decision, but really focused on getting to know us and our vision for this birth right away. Given our first baby was born in the hospital, they helped educate us on what to expect, and were a great team to have during labor – they were pretty hands off during laboring, but immediately took the lead when baby’s heart tones were not great and when I had a small hemorrhage after delivering the placenta. I felt informed, supported, empowered – and in great hands. I also really loved the post-natal care (multiple home visits, frequent text message check-ins, etc.). For low risk moms considering a home birth, I HIGHLY recommend these two! —Paige

Something greater was truly at work during my prenatal journey and Charli and Sarah are proof of that. Their pairing culminates the perfect synchronicity of strength, empathy and love. I was able to let go, and just be, having the full confidence in the hands and hearts that held space for me through my birthing journey. I was heard. I was encouraged and I was challenged when I needed to push. I have never experienced such a personally transforming experience in my life. Their dedication and love for what they do is evident. I came out of that experience feeling like the powerful woman I had hoped to be and with the utmost respect and reverence for the gift these women give so freely and joyfully. —Jade 

Natural Birth

Natural Birth

Charli and Sarah of Hearth and Home Midwifery offer the kind of care every birthing person deserves. Throughout my second pregnancy, they helped me process my previous birth trauma (with a different provider) and work through my fears around labor. Prenatal appointments lasted an hour which gave us plenty of time to discuss all of the risks and benefits of important choices I had to make as well as take my vitals and listen to and feel my growing baby. My partner was included in my care and felt very supported. They actively listened to me and met me exactly where I was at with compassion and without judgement. I had full autonomy throughout my pregnancy and birth, with their knowledge and experience to guide me. They were extremely attentive in the first few months postpartum, continuously assessing my recovering body, my mental health, breastfeeding, and my baby's health. They provided referrals for care beyond their scope. Sarah and Charli are both warm, authentic, and down-to-earth. I trust them implicitly and felt completely safe and at ease in their care. As a former student midwife myself, I believe their practice sets the standard for excellent midwifery care. —Megan

The tl;dr of this is that if you’re having a baby, you need to talk to these two before you make a decision on who will help you have the kid.

When my wife told me she wanted to have our baby at home and to do it with midwives (the latter does not necessitate the former), my first instinct was to befriend an obstetrician to invite—as a friend—to the birth. I didn’t know much about midwifery, but I assumed it was mostly weird breathing, boiled towels and crystals.

As a person who values the scientific method, I could not be happier with how wrong I was. I cannot speak to all midwifery, but these two women are impressive in two ways.

First: any time we had a question, they answered it by presenting us with concise and easily-digested answers that invited us to draw our own informed conclusions based on legitimate science. There are many new parents who watch things happen to their newborns that they don’t understand, and while most of them are things I’d hope we’d all want, I prefer knowing ahead of time the benefits and risks of anything they’re doing to my kid.

Secondly, they both possess a keen technical proficiency. My wife has the veins of a hummingbird which frustrate and confuse even the most gifted. The two of them were the only ones able to successfully draw her blood during her pregnancy. They are somehow able to divine manually the precise position of a fetus in utero (one of them helped me to feel an ear). When our baby was born, he needed some help, and the two of them were on it like a pair of ducks on a slice of Wonder bread, and with such a cool demeanor that put me completely at ease.

I am so glad we found Sarah and Charli, and I’d never have a kid any other way. They are warm and fun and brilliant. If they win the lottery and close their practice, I’m getting a vasectomy. —Travis

If you are on the fence about home or hospital birth, go with home birth! And go with this rockstar goddess duo of Hearth and Home to lead you through. It is one of the best life decisions I have made. Ladies, we have been designed for this, and we have successfully been having babies at home for thousands of years. Every woman who isn't high risk should give serious thought to birthing at home. Give yourself the credit that your body and mind are equipped for home birth. 

I have two beautiful children and two completely different birth experiences. My first son was born in the hospital, to make the long story short, I ended up being talked into an epidural and experienced a very chaotic 36hour long labor. Fast forward 9 years later, I wanted a different experience. I chose Sarah and Charlie, and I am so incredibly thankful I did. This time my birth was at home, in comfort and tranquility, with my partner and these two incredibly knowledgable ladies. I felt safe, I trusted their guidance. My son was born within 6 hours and by midnight Sarah and Charlie tucked us into our bed safe and sound with our son.

I really value how these two handled every step of my pregnancy. Tho I was low risk, I did end up with gestational diabetes. We were able to figure out how to control my blood sugar with diet, while I would have been told to go on insulin, had I followed through with Kaisers recommendations, a drastic measure for something that ultimately was controlled with diet. I always felt they made time for me, and were very attentive the entire pregnancy. I felt like we were their only clients! 

I also love them as a team, their personalities work great together and really makes the environment one of "we are all in this together" . That being said, when it came down to the birth itself, Sarah and Charlie had this great way of being there, but not being there. They always stepped in right when I needed that female guidance, but let my boyfriend and I share the experience together as well. That is how I wanted it, I loved that they made a plan with us ahead of time. The exact opposite I had in my hospital birth experience. 

After my birth in the hospital, with doctors I had never seen, bright lights, medication and stress, I felt defeated and down on myself for how powerless I was in the whole experience. My birth with Sarah an Charlie at home by my side was the most polar opposite experience. I was empowered, energized, calm and in control. I have never felt more like a real woman warrior than I did in that experience. These two supported and challenged me, guided and let me lead. We are forever changed by and grateful for Charlie and Sarah. We whole heartedly recommend Hearth and Home. They are the real deal, total B.A's of birthing! —Emelia



Anything is possible when you believe in yourself and are supported in that belief. I have always known that I wanted to be a Mama and have a big family, that I had so much love and life to share with the universe. I was diagnosed with Von Willebrands at 6 years old, I was told to forget about having children. Having a full blown bleeding disorder hindered me and created big fear. No sports, playing at recess, internal bleeding, transfusions and for many years the idea of experiencing a pregnancy and birth of my own.

When I turned 17 my Dr told me that, with new medical knowledge, I could have a successful birth in an extremely controlled environment. No alternative laboring and birthing positions, in bed, the no's and blood disorder caused me to have a postpartum hemorrhage with my first birth. The fear and anxiety we had around birth was so unnatural, so clinical, so stressful. It made all the kicks and magic riddled with fear. My next two births in hospitals were much better. I had amazing doulas and wonderful doctors and so much more knowledge about motherhood, birth and my body.

Von Willebrands taught me how to advocate for myself and my health. I have always been fairly "granola" and I dreamt of birthing at home. I knew I was capable, my husband knew I could do it, but not many physicians did. Medicine is so much about fear and control these days, there is little self advocacy, and there just isn't enough support for women's health. After I was served so many "no's" when it came to my choice in birth, with the love and support of sisters near and far, after tears, and so much determination, I met the amazing Charli and Sarah. They heard me, they saw me, and they believed in me. They saw my strength, my ability, my knowledge of self. They listened to me through tears, smiles, blood, love and birth. They hugged my children close. They encouraged both my husband and I through birth and new life. With laughter, quiet, and care they left their magical imprint on all of our hearts. I couldn't be more honored to have them both by our sides as we welcomed Our fifth baby home. With full hearts and gratitude we recommend Hearth and Home. —Jessie


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