Midwifery Services In Portland, Vancouver, WA and The GORGE!

Midwifery is the heart and soul of our practice. As part of our midwifery care we offer a free consultation visit for new clients in Portland, Oregon, Vancouver, WA, and Hood River, OR.

prenatal care
Portland Oregon home birth

Prenatal care includes:

•Holistic, individualized, client-centered care

•Nutritional and lifestyle counseling

•Physical exams

•Lab services and ultrasound referrals

•24-7 on call support through 6 weeks postpartum

•Hour long appointments

•Home visit at 36 weeks

labor and birth attendance

We offer birth services from 36 weeks to 42+6 weeks of pregnancy with around-the-clock availability of midwives.

You can expect:

•Continuous care and support during labor, birth, and the first hours after birth

•Experience with water birth

•Assisting clients or family members to catch their own baby

•Medical consultation and referral as needed

•Continuous support by midwives in the event of hospital transport

postpartum support for birthing parent and baby

After the birth, you will have:

•A full physical exam of the newborn

•Comprehensive breastfeeding support

•At least four one-hour postpartum visits in your home

•Access to standard newborn procedures, including newborn screening, Vitamin K, antibiotics to prevent eye infection, and weight and jaundice assessment

antepartum and postpartum care

If you are not sure that an out-of-hospital birth is right for you, we also offer prenatal and postpartum care only for those desiring midwifery care but who want to plan to have their baby in the hospital. Ask us about this option.